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When families search for a ‘youth recovery center’, they are typically looking for effective help for a young person grappling with substance abuse – most often their child.

Are you concerned about your child’s future after noticing one or more of these signs of adolescent substance use?

  • Trouble in school with grades or behavior
  • Noticeable behavior and personality change
  • Poor personal hygiene and abnormal appearance
  • Physical health decline such as often sick
  • Smelling like alcohol or marijuana


New Chapter Youth Recovery Programs in New Jersey offer comprehensive treatment services tailored for adolescents struggling with substance use. We aim to address the specific challenges aced during their developmental years an set them on a path of a successful life in long-term recovery.

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New Chapter Adolescent Addiction Treatment Programs In New Jersey

Partial Care Program

Our youth and teen partial care program is our most intensive program with two, three hour sessions per day five days per week. This program includes individual counseling and therapy and group sessions.

Intensive Outpatient

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs are a step down from partial care with three hour sessions happening 3-5 days per week depending on our clients' progress and individual needs for their recovery.

Outpatient Program

Our outpatient substance use programs for teens and youth are the last level of care before our clients are ready to face life, successfully discharged from addiction treatment. This includes one or two sessions per week.

Dual Diagnosis

Substance use in teens and adolescents oftentimes is being driven by an underlying mental health disorder needing treatment. If our client is found to have a co-occurring disorder, our team specializes in treating both.

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Teen Drug Addiction Treatment NJ

Adolescent Drug Rehab Centers for Youth and Teens

New Chapter Adolescent Program is an adolescents substance use and mental health treatment program.

New Chapter’s mission is to provide adolescents with the clinical and emotional care they need to begin their bright new chapter.

Our program is guided by evidence-based practices to eradicate the substance use and to empower the adolescents with relapse prevention strategies, effective communication skills, decision making skills, positive affirmation tools, and various coping mechanisms.

Our recovery programs for youth include:

Teen Alcohol Rehab In New Jersey

Teen Addiction Treatment Outcomes and Expectations

At New Chapter Youth Recovery Center, we have worked hard to develop programs with success. Successful program outcomes for teens and youth will include:

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