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Addiction and mental health disorders in teens and adolescents are experiences that impact not just the teen involved but everyone around them. This is the driving force behind our commitment at New Chapter Youth Recovery, where our goal is to provide healing and a path forward for youth and adolescents most in need.

At New Chapter, we are devoted to delivering life-saving support and fostering inner harmony for those battling addiction. We believe that through nurturing hope, compassion, joy, and a sense of community, young individuals can turn the page and start anew, free from the grips of drug or alcohol abuse. Every young person is valued; our mission is to guide them towards fresh starts and positive futures.

New Chapter acknowledges the significance of comprehensive healing. We are keen on aiding our clients in pinpointing and resolving any gaps or voids within their physical, emotional, or psychological realms that may hinder their recovery from addiction and behavioral health challenges. Our team is committed to teaching the younger generation the necessary skills for discovering a meaningful direction, enabling them to step onto an empowering new path.

Years of Experience Within Our Compassionate Team

Our behavioral health team is comprised of professionals that have extensive academic knowledge and experience in the field of addiction and mental health. Our staff is exceptional in providing youth recovery programs within group, individual, and family sessions. We believe in creating an accepting and compassionate environment to strive in while getting the highest quality of treatment.

Our program is designed to equip young people with effective strategies for overcoming substance abuse, adopting new habits for a healthier lifestyle. Our skilled team, comprising medical experts, addiction specialists, and accredited counselors, focuses on age-appropriate rehabilitation methods and encourages consistent participation in support groups. By establishing mentor relationships, we aspire to guide adolescents towards a future free from the constraints of addiction, empowering them and their families to start a fresh chapter in life.

Outpatient Program For Teen Substance Use

Quality Youth & Teen Addiction Treatment in NJ

New Chapter is a youth-focused rehabilitation initiative grounded in the principles of empowerment and self-discovery, which enable young people to find the calmness and resilience necessary to conquer substance dependency. Our program provides a variety of care intensities to support adolescents in receiving tailored recovery services before they smoothly reintegrate into their communities. Our levels of care include:


Each of these will provide your child with the tools they need to succeed during and after treatment. They will meet with experienced and passionate therapists and counselors on a daily or weekly basis; depending on the program. Throughout this time they will grow and gain all the tools and knowledge needed to avoid relapse and live a more fulfilling life.

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We are firmly committed to the idea that real recovery from addiction is founded on personal growth and self-understanding among youth and adolescents. Our program is tailored to empower young individuals, providing them the support and tools necessary to conquer their addictions and build a positive and rewarding lifestyle in recovery.

Do not delay in addressing your child’s addictive behaviors.

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